There are several endeavors in our lives that can plague our daily lives; however, one can outweigh the rest, and that’s lower back pain. Dealing with lower back pain will only heighten your levels of stress and discomfort throughout your day. Unfortunately, fixing lower back pain is not as easy as a snap of the fingers or blink of an eye, but going through the process of finding the silver lining is worth the time and energy. If you cannot stand or sit without being pain free, why continue to go day-to-day without making a change. Below are several stretches you can try to alleviate back pain. Overall, a chiropractor, change to your diet and exercise, surgery, or just a combination of all of these will put you on the path towards a pain free life. Get your life back.

Here is a link to MoveU. They are one of the most insightful fitness groups that focuses on all aspects of exercise and pain relief. Their website has awesome info and they have videos on YouTube so you can follow and see each movement step by step.