Balance and stability are what we stride for in most aspects in life. When things are balanced around us, we feel at ease. Sometimes, we are already off balance and are not even aware. This applies to our diets and eating habits more than anything else. We get into routines of eating the same food that our bodies adapt to it; however, sometimes it is not always for the better. There is a fine line between the occasional splurge of junk food after a week of healthy eating and some exercise. It is when we get into a routine of consistently eating poorly that we fall off balance. It is ok though. We are all human and sometimes we need to realize that we have fallen down before we can even attempt to fight our way back up.

Find Your “Why”

In our moments of uneasiness and discomfort is where we truly discover the type of people we are. Are we going to lay dormant when trouble heads our way, or will we fight for a better tomorrow? When you are living a healthy and balanced life, everyone benefits. It is important to realize that healthy does not mean being this skinny version of yourself. Healthy means that you are at a weight that is ideal for your height and body type and that you are comfortable with that. If you are forcing yourself to lose weight in order to fit some mold society has creating then you will never be happy. You can certainly want to get healthy for your kids, significant other, or anyone else you care about. However, always have a reason why you want to live a healthy lifestyle. This is your “why”. This reason will always be there for you; it will guide you through the moments you question why you started. More importantly, it will be there it greet you when you finally find your way to your goal(s).

Find Your Balance

Always remember that this is your path. Yes, others will be apart of your life; however, it is you and only you who will be there in the early of the morning and late hours of the night when you are motivating yourself to workout or eat right. Find time to celebrate the small victories and growths that you find along the way. It is perfectly normal to be excited about any time you check off another box in the process of achieving a larger goal.

Find Your Best Self

The most vital message to keep in mind is that only you will know when you find the balance that you have been seeking. Believe me, when you find it, it is like a massive cloud is removed from over you and all aspects of life improve immensely. Want to know why? It is because of you. Your tireless effort and determination has not only improved your life, but it has effected all of those you interact with because they will be interacting with the best version of you. Remember, if you can Dream It, and you Believe In It, then you can Build It!