1. Great Environment!

    “Nice and helpful staff. Great environment! Overall, just an awesome place! It feels comfortable like in a homey way, so I don’t feel self-conscious like I normally did at other gyms. This place has a “be yourself” type of feeling to it, and I’d definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking for a place to workout while still feeling comfortable in their own skin bc there is no judgement here; and that was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Fitness 19!”

    -Tammy S.
  2. Strength

    “So I have been coming to Fitness 19 for 2 years now working with Osny. My strength and my endurance is so much better. I can go kayaking with my daughter, we go hiking, we go to the mountains, we do all sorts of activities. Working with Osny as my trainer, it keeps me on schedule because I have an appointment with him and I come, if I don’t then I find something else to do and back out of it. I keep my commitment with him twice per week and I am doing a lot more things because of it!”

    -Gina B.
  3. Saved

    “Three years ago I had consensus heart failure and my kidneys failed. I was in the hospital for about 5-6 weeks. My wife had told some of my doctors that I had worked out at Fitness 19 for at least 3 years. The doctors both said that if I hadn’t worked out before all this happened that I would have never made it. So I am standing here right now, I’m healed up, and I am back at Fitness 19.”

    -John D.
  4. Making Strides

    “As a professional dog walker/sitter, I had always stayed in shape. In May of 2015, a dog bit my right forearm. My arm swelled up and the impact damaged my ulnar nerve affecting the use of my arm. The recovery took longer than I expected resulting in muscle loss through my entire body. In December of 2016, I signed up to Fitness 19 in Secane in hopes of getting my strength back. After I had a free assessment done by Chris Patrikios, I signed up for personal training with him. I had only expected to use the personal training as a jump start. But, Chris keeps the workouts varied, fun and more challenging than I would do on my own. When I have nerve pain, Chris modifies my workouts so that it doesn’t impact my arm so much. Since I am very happy with my results, I continue to use the personal training two times a week. In addition, the staff is very friendly and so are the members.”

    -Kelly C.