There is a big secret to your diet that will help you with maintaining a healthy weight and losing fat.

Here it is:

Stay away from Sugar and Grains.

Nutrition and what to eat to lose fat.

Keep it simple! Sugar spikes your glucose levels and any excess gets stored as fat. Grains will also be converted into sugar which adds to the glucose level.

Sugars in drinks and foods containing high fructose corn syrup need to be avoided completely. Grains are found in processed TV dinners and fillers in prepackaged meals.

Sugars in natural fruit grown from the earth contain fibers in them which will help them with the digestion. The fiber helps to slowly digest the sugars giving you the energy over a longer period of time. Eat the fruits, but don’t over do it!

Eat natural carbohydrates. If it your food is naturally grown and not processed, eat it. Eat fats and protein. Think of fat as an energizer and get more energy! Keep it Simple!

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