It is ok to grab a snack from time to time; however, a lot of the time, you aren’t hungry, you’re thirsty. Your stomach and mind react similarly when you are hungry or thirsty. The best way to avoid any of this is to find a way to efficiently and effectively hydrate but more importantly, doing it in a safe and healthy manner. Do not feel the need to force yourself to chug a water bottle; that is not what this is all about. What this is about is making sure your body is receiving the proper amount of hydration needed for proper functioning of your body and brain.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your hydration, there are apps to keep you in check and on schedule! You can also purchase water containers that are marked off or have timers to help guide you. Being hyrdrated helps with your mental processes, digestion, and really anything that gets you from point A to point  Z from when you wake up all the way until you go to sleep.

Just like you do with your exercises, make a plan and stick to it with your hydration. Your body and mind will operate at the highest level possible. The levels of production and overall happiness will seriously be altered for the better. Hydration is the first step toward a brighter future and literally a better view on life as we have learned that hyrdation helps improve your vision. So go out there and remember that wherever you go, make sure you have some water or stop at a water fountain any chance you get!