Even a lone wolf needs a helping hand at times. This holds true in numerous situations, but especially when it comes to exercise. Everyday at Fitness 19, several members enter the door with someone who is a life long friend or even someone they met while working out here. Regardless, they have bonded over the years while pushing each other to seek a healthier lifestyle. Having someone there to hold you accountable and just motivate you in general is priceless. It is an indescribable bond that you can make with a gym buddy. You’ll find yourself grabbing post-gym meals at times. Eventually, they may be across your dinner table for a holiday meal.

Sometimes, we need to be on our own when we work out. We have some pent up emotions that we need to let out through exercise and all we want is music to be our ally. However, that does not mean that you cannot head to the gym with your friend and then go do your own thing when you both arrive. He/she will understand that today, you need to just go off and get some stuff off your shoulders. The important thing is that when the time comes, he/she will be there for you to pick you back up.

Friendship is something so valuable to us that we do not realize how much we need it until it is gone. Through friendship, the best that life has to offer finds its way home to us. We create memories and we create better lives. Friends who look after each other keeps the world a positive place. They are there for you to motivate you to be the best version of yourself and you’ll most certainly do the same. Overall, the biggest thing about friendship is just having that companionship. Tough day at work, go meet you friend at the gym and talk about it over some exercise.