It’s the holiday season people and with that comes so many wonder things. Friends, family, and… food. Look, let’s be honest. We all know what we are going to see when we visit family this week. Cookies, piles of meat, sweets, and more. Listen, it is ok to enjoy yourself and indulge on some snacks. Just don’t overdo it. That’s what it is all about.

If you are just eating healthy and clean, good for you. But a lot of us would go crazy if we didn’t have our cheat snack or cheat day built into our schedule. Like anything in life, it’s all about self-control and not overdoing it. And work for it! Hit the gym before your holiday morning then treat yourself to a nice hearty meal and if a cookie is consumed, I didn’t see anything.

You have worked so hard to find balance between work/school and your personal life, all while trying to balance your diet and exercise. It is ok to enjoy yourself once in a while. Just portion control and know the consequences. This season is a beautiful and important time to spend time with the people you love and reflect on the things you have accomplished. Happiness comes first. Then dessert. The gym will be there to fight off those calories, but those memories are something you can’t get back. Have an awesome holiday season!