The alarm sounds and your day has begun. You roll out of bed, take a deep breath and prepare to put on a brave face to take on the day. Every part of you, body, mind, and soul want to stay in bed; however, the bed does not pay the bills. The workday has not commenced, yet you are still exhausted. Like so many times before, you just float around at work and just count down the seconds until you are free. Now you must decide whether to head to the gym or get back home and get that part of life organized. The dishes can wait.

You arrive at the gym and are already half asleep. You lug yourself from machine to machine and do not even count the reps. Just being present at the gym is enough of a task after the amount of will power it took to make it in today. After an hour, you feel like you have put enough time in, so you head out. Finally, you are home and ready to shower and change into some sweats. It is time to decompress from the day and watch some TV. After scrolling through your phone and watching your favorite show, you head to bed for your scheduled 6 hours of sleep. As soon as you feel your head meet the pillow, the alarm sounds and tomorrow has begun and so continues the cycle.

Finding Energy

Routines are what give our lives structures. However, not all routines are healthy or beneficial. First things first, there are not enough hours in a day. But we must work with what we got. Allotting time to activities that benefit ourselves is the first step in changing your life. After you make the change(s), it may not happen overnight, but you will begin to find new energy and joy throughout your day. Sometimes, you need to say no to people. It is ok to miss a night out to save some money and catch up on sleep. It is ok to take a break from constantly overworking your body and mind. When we consistently find ourselves searching for the next cup of coffee, it is when we need to be searching for a new lifestyle.

Breaking the Wheel

You have consistently been doing things that are not adding any value to your day or life. Now, you will make positive change. You are the master of your world and the dictator of how you utilize every second of your day. The only thing in your way is you. Those around you will fall in line and notice that the personal changes you are making are beneficial and unveiling the best version of you. You and you alone can completely make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to find your silver lining. The worst days will be behind. Every day you will face adversity but how you respond to it is the true test. When you are well rested and well-motivated, it becomes easier to do and say the right things even in stressful situations.

A New Day

The alarm sounds and your day has begun. You spring out of bed, take a deep breath and prepare to take advantage of the opportunities the day provides. Every part of you, body, mind, and soul are ready to face any and all challenges ahead. The workday has commenced, and you feel well rested and the quality breakfast you prepared has you fueled up until lunch. Unlike so many times before, you see each struggle at work as an opportunity to test your skills and knowledge. Your boss is impressed with you new attitude and approach to the workday. The workday has concluded and now you are off to the gym. You make sure to stretch and chat with some gym buddies while you warm up. Now your headphones are in and it is time to work. After an awesome hour and a half workout, it is time to head home, make some dinner and head to bed. As you rest your head down, you feel accomplished and a comfort within knowing that you will wake up well rested and just sore enough to know you got in an awesome workout. Tomorrow you plan to meet up with an old friend and grab dinner after work. The day after, it is back to the gym. You now have this down to a science. Your body and mind are no longer fighting each other and are collaborating to allow you to find the best version of you. Every day is now the best day.