By: Chris Mallee

In 2019, it is almost impossible to avoid being judge or even passing judgement upon others ourselves. We find ourselves, swiping left, swiping right, rating people’s pictures and posts with a thumbs or thumbs down, and just being fed so much information to process. All we want in this life is to feel accepted… to feel loved. But remember this, no matter how much someone loves you, not of it will ever be enough if you do not love yourself.

It is in those moments after a night out, practice, work, or school where we find ourselves alone and in silence. Some wait all day for this moment. They enjoy the silence and just being one with the moment and their thoughts. However, if you are on the other side of the spectrum, you fear this moment all day. The moment when you are not surrounded by others and you are stuck there with your own thoughts. This is something that you can overcome.

All things are achievable when you put all your focus and energy into making positive change. The most important thing is allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerable to helping yourself and allowing others to help you as well. It is scary to enter your own negative thoughts and often it is easier to just avoid the issues that lay in front of you, but they’ll always be there. It is even scarier to allow someone else to carry some of the weight. It is out of guilt; thinking that you are a burden? Or are you scared that the real you and everything that comes with you will scare them away? If they are the right person or right people, they will embrace you and all that comes with you. Remember, not everyone you meet is for you.

I live by this; everyone you meet is a blessing but can become a lesson; however, you must always have the intention of being a blessing to those you interact with everyday and control what you can control. Always look to improve yourself and those around will flourish. Whether it is exercise, meditation, a hobby, and/or a mixture of a few things, find your balance. This is not an overnight task, but with the right mindset and people around you, all things are possible. Learn to love yourself. Once you do that, you will never settle for anything less than what you deserve.