Everyone hits the dreaded wall. The point where exhaustion hits your mind and body like frigid water. Sometimes it finds you on a Monday; however, the wall can find you on any day and at any time. To fight back against the wall, sometimes the best strategy is to not fight at all. Instead of hitting the gym or meeting up with your friends afterwork, do yourself a favor and just say no.

So, you just avoided the gym and/or going out with your friends. FOMO (fear of missing out) is at an all time high. Have no fear, about an hour into working out or socializing you would have been trying your best to keep your eyes open. Now here is the important thing. There is a huge difference between taking a day to rest and revitalize yourself and taking a day completely off. Let me explain, when you take a day to rest, you still follow the same healthy habit you have accustomed your body and mind to. You must avoid completely shutting down and reverting to old bad habits.

It has been decided. Your get out of the gym free card has been activated and your rest day has begun. You get out of bed and begin your morning routine by stretching and drinking some water. Work goes well and instead of heading to the gym; you stop to grab a healthy meal before heading to the park. At the park, your favorite table with the perfect view is open. You finally reach your destination, take a deep breath before enjoying your meal. Your body and mind are at ease. Now you are full and feeling blissful. Time for a nice walk around the park before heading home and getting to bed at a good time. That is how you take a rest day.

It has been decided. Your get out of the gym free card has been activated and your rest day has begun. You hit the snooze button and roll out of bed with no time to spare. Everything is now rushed. You must brush your teeth in the shower to save some time and hope that everything is in your work bag. You clock into work and just count down the seconds until you are free. After work you head home and turn on the TV. You think, “why should I drive again?” Delivered pizza it is. As you enjoy your pizza, and mindlessly watch hours of Netflix you grow more tired and realize you have been up way too late. You roll into bed and set your alarm. Tomorrow comes faster than you could have blinked, and the pizza still lays heavy in your stomach. Time to seize the day, but first, you need to find some TUMS.

Not every rest day is the same. When we take a day off from the gym or from going out, it does not mean that we can completely shut down. We cannot lose focus on the bigger picture. For months you have been doing the right thing and it was just time for a day off from it all. Keep up with your healthy routines and stay true to your goals. A well-executed day off can pay huge dividends; however, a poorly executed day off can be detrimental. Know your mind and know your body. Wake up strong-minded and well rested!