Today is the day. Today you will try out that exercise that you have been fearful of attempting. Booking that vacation that you have put off for so long. Leave that toxic job or relationship that is preventing you from being yourself and growing. Overall, it’s time to make positive change that will not only benefit yourself but all those who you choose to be in your life. You are in control of your life. You are a blessing to the world and those you interact with. Everyone does not deserve your time and energy. Your time and energy should be the most valuable thing in your life. It is nonrefundable and so are the moments that you choose to spend that time and energy on.

Removing the excess and toxic aspects of your life is like opening your eyes for the first time. You will be met with a new and more positive perspective on life. Each day will be no longer be a clock in and clock out, it will be an opportunity to further pursue happiness. It will be another chance for you to go out and get what’s yours. Be kind, be mindful, and be patient. Constantly be looking to meet new amazing people while trying out new things that the old you would never fathom being interested in. Today is the day.