Vacation is over and it’s back to reality folks. The kids are back in school and they aren’t just bringing report cards home, they’re bringing back germs. The best way to fend off fall illnesses is building up your immune system through exercise. The summer is over and now it’s time for football and basketball season. The food that comes with the games are always the best, but also the best at making it hard to touch your toes after your 4th plate of appetizers at Aunt Sue’s. Exercise and practicing self-control and portion-control goes a long way. Overall, the fall season brings amazing things into our live; however, it also can bring you down with illness and poor eating habits. Here are my thoughts and advice to guide you through a healthy and fulfilling fall season.

  1. Try New Things: Whether it is at the gym or deciding to go on a walk/hike instead of the treadmill, take advantage of the weather and fall scenery
  2. If it’s too cold outside, be an active TV watcher: During commercials, try doing 5 push ups for one commercial, 5 sit ups for another, and alternate or add an additional exercise
  3. Hit the reset button: Treat yourself to a massage or meditation session after a stressful week; it’ll pay dividends
  4. Believe in yourself and your goals; it takes time: Psychologist believe that it takes about 4 weeks or so for the human brain to get used to a routine. There will be more down than up days at the beginning; however, once exercise becomes a part of your life, it’ll be hard not to exercise
  5. Find you WHY: This is the most important piece of advice. Your WHY is the catalyst of the entire idea and motivation toward fulfilling your dreams. Your WHY could be simple or it could be complex. You could want to be healthier for your significant others or just for yourself. Regardless, your WHY will continue to motivate you and give you fuel from start to finish