This issue is universal. We all find ourselves adding and subtracting calories every day. “Well if I drink this and eat that, then I need to be at the gym for this amount of time” or “If I don’t go to the gym today, then I can’t eat too much today.” The thoughts go on and on. You and millions of other people are stuck in a cycle of constantly fighting your body, mind, and social life in order to find a healthy balance. Once you achieve this balance, you will realize that your levels of stress and anxiety will drop, and you will be present in the moment rather than worrying about things you cannot control right then and there.

All you can do is focus on the present. If you don’t want to worry about working off those nachos, then don’t eat the nachos. However, if you had a productive day at the gym or doing manual work, then yes, please enjoy the nachos… but try not to overeat. As our trainer Osny says, “I eat before I am hungry, and I stop eating before I feel full.” This is great advice because when you eat when you feel ridiculously hungry, you tend to overeat. And when you keep eating until you feel full, you are usually overeating.

The biggest thing I would like you to take away is that all of this is about maintaining a balance. Balance allows us to break free from the walls that are containing you in life. Let us break the cycle of going to the gym just to negate all the things we consumed over the weekend. Going to the gym should be about physical gain and emotional release. Exercise and going to the gym are supposed to reduce stress and allows you to work through everyday problems in a safe and healthy way. Let’s make the gym about YOU and not YOUR PROBLEMS.