When you are trying to muster up the motivation and energy to get up and get active, look no further than your favorite playlist. The right playlist can be the difference from a great workout and a mediocre one. Music allows us to not only drown out the noises surrounding us in the gym, it allows us to escape the stresses that burden us while we exercise. It may not even be music, you could be enjoying a podcast. Regardless, listening to something you enjoy while working out can make a huge impact not only on your workout but on your entire day.

Finding What Works for You

The most important thing is to find what motivates you. Some just love listening to their favorite songs and just losing themselves to the music and their workout route. Others enjoying listening to motivational speakers to remind them of their “why”. Your why can be self motivated or it can be motivated by a significant other; “I want to lose weight for myself” or “I want to be healthy for my family so that I know I will be there for them.” Motivational speakers are awesome. They lift us when we question our capabilities when we are tired. When bike, on the treadmill, or other cardio machines, some enjoying watching their favorite show. These are all different ways to listen to something when you workout. Most importantly, all of these help you escape the aches and pains while you exercise.

Changing Things Up

If you are losing your drive or motivation to exercise, try out different music or explore some new podcasts. Routines can be great but they can also be mundane after awhile. Brighten up your routine by experimenting with new things. Try listening to motivational speakers when you first get ready and continue as you arrive and warm up. Next, transition to a playlist. As the music builds, so will your energy and spirits. Let that music take you into a different, more confident mindset as you prepare to dominate your workout. After all of that, jump on a bike, elliptical, and/or treadmill and throw on your favorite show. All of these methods are great ways to fuel your workout.

Lasting Message

Now that you have some ideas, go try them out. Always remember to seek what works for you. It is you workout and your life; you should be dictating what you want to motivate and guide you through it all. Just keep an open mind because exposure to new things can be a great and even life changing. Overall, workouts can be grueling; however, with the right mindset and ear candy, you can crush each workout and come out the side the best version of you.