Your core is everything. You build a house off a strong foundation. The same idea holds true with any friendship or relationship as well. If you want to have sustained success and benefit from anything, it starts with the core. Every great thing starts with a core idea and/or person who is the driving force. This especially holds true in exercise. Here are 5 reasons why a strong core is crucial for your workouts and an overall better life.

  1. Minimalize back pain

-A strong core reduces your back pain. Your abs are at the front of your spine and play a vital role in support your back. If you have weak abs, your back muscles are forced to work harder

  1. Improve your balance

-Whether you are exercising or not, it is great to have good balance. Balance issues can result in injuries and otherwise avoidable accidents

  1. Reduce chance of injury

-If your core is weak, other parts of your body are working harder and that frequently results in injury

  1. Stride toward better posture

-We rarely realize how poor our posture is until someone mentions it or our doctor calls us out. Poor posture can lead to back issues and other lingering pain

  1. It all starts at the core

All your day to day movements start with your core. Even if you are just walking, you are using your core. Make sure you are starting off STRONG.