Welcome to the season of fall on the East Coast! Where it can be 92 and humid on Wednesday and then 65 and rainy on Thursday. It’s unique and nice to be able to show off different outfits from your closet; however, it can cause issues. As in life, our bodies seek balance. When our bodies are constantly regulating themselves with the temperature changes we are experiencing, that’s when the germs creep in. These sudden changes in temperature make us even more susceptible illness. More importantly, a poor immune system can make you more susceptible to illness as well. Well, we can’t change the weather; however, often, we can improve our immune system.

So even before you are battling a cough, a cold, or just fatigue, exercising daily can reverse the curse. Additionally, exercise drastically can decrease your chances of heart issues down the road. When we exercise, it wakes up our bodies and minds. Oxygen is flowing in and out of our bodies and this is almost like opening a window in a musty room as it recycles in new clean air. Working out improves the way our bodies fight off germs by changing our antibodies and white blood cells. Our white blood cells are the immunes systems soldiers that fend off disease and illness. When our bodies are active and fit, our immune system is more active and fit.

No need for a 2-hour workout. Regularly walking for 20-30 minutes per day can be a game changer. Long term, exercise brings more energy to our lives. It may seem odd that tiring ourselves out by exercising would in return make you less fatigued; however, that is what the body seeks. Humans are meant to be active beings. When we are lazy and stagnant, so are our minds. It is all about our mindsets. If you are unmotivated and have no plans to actively move your body, your mind will not want to put in the work either. So, it is time to walk around the block, find yourself at the gym, or playing basketball in the park this cold and flu season. Remember, the best way to actively fight off sickness, is being active.