Today is the day. After months spent in machine and cardio purgatory, you are finally ready to venture into the free weight room. Listen, I get it, the free weight room can be intimidating if you have never been in there before. There are a lot of stigma’s associated with it. Some may be true; however, remember that you are here for your workout and nothing else matters. Stick to your workout and lift the weight that you assigned for that day; going heavy and trying to impress people will only produce a negative result.

You think to yourself, “did I avoid the free weight room because it intimidated me, or did I just become too comfortable in my normal routine?” Both questions might be right. Most importantly, you realized that change is good. Workouts often become stagnant when you are constantly doing the same exercise day in and day out. We find the results we have been searching for when we shock our system and change up our workouts.

In the free weight room, there is no such thing as a “dumb question.” Safety is the number one priority. If you are unsure how to properly use something, please ask a gym member or staff member for help. Additionally, each piece of equipment will have a visual layout as well as a write down instructions of how to properly use the equipment. Like anything in life when you are starting something new, you must work your way up from the base of the mountain. Gradually you will see yourself climb and scale this mountain until you have finally reached the peak.

Today is the day. You are going to wake up, drink some water, then head to Fitness 19. When you get there, you stretch a little extra and find just the right song before taking your first step onto the free weight room floor. Just like the first time you jumped into a pool, you were nervous but as soon as you broke the surface you realized what you had been avoiding and even depriving yourself of something so wonderful. The weight room is not only where you test your body and mind, it is where you are rewarded for all the hard work you have committed to your health. Welcome to the best version of you. As always, be bold, be consistent, and be safe!