It is important to hit every muscle group in your body to create harmony and equilibrium. In previous blogs we focused on other muscle groups such as the biceps, abs, back, legs, etc. but today, we focus on chest and triceps. It is important to exercise your chest muscles aka your pectorals for several reasons. Like your back and shoulder muscles, your pecs aid in the shoulder joint stability. This contributes to better breathing, improved posture, and overall upper body strength which reduces your chance of injury. Working your triceps is also important. When you are doing upper body, let alone any other exercise, it is important to be strong and flexible in all areas so your body can work collaboratively to conduct each exercise while you avoid injury. And to be honest, having defined triceps is always a good look. Below are several chest and tricep exercises to venture into. Remember to start at a lighter weight to down the correct form then work your way up!

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