This week, we will focus on exercises for your back and biceps. First off, you may be askig the question, “why should I work my back out?” Working out your back has several benefits. Back exercises add muscle mass to your back and upper body; in turn, a larger upper body visually gives your waste a slim look. Additionally, loosing weight is all about having more muscle than fat and working those areas that have a numerous amount of muscles. Your back has a large amount of muscles so having a strong and well sculpted back helps you lose weight and gives you a more defined look. In regards to your biceps, well sculpted arms simply look good. They do not have to be massive or have veins showing, but defined biceps are a look a lot of us seek. Additionally, it helps you avoid injuries when curling or lifting things in every day situations. So get in the gym and get to work on your back and bi’s. Here are several back and bicep exercises that you can work on. Always feel free to ask our front desk or trainers for help as well!

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