In life, we seek comfort. Not only for ourselves but for those we love and care about. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, finding a healthy lifestyle that fits your schedule, body type, and budget. This is easier said than done. Life goes fast. We have all put things off in order to just take some time to relax. Relaxing is important; however, at times we lose sight on our goals and ambitions. The best thing to do is just take some time to reflect and make a plan. Reflect on exercise, living, and eating habits that work or do not work for you. Plan on what exercises you want to explore and what your schedule may look like. This plan can have you keep or drop certain living habits (ie. smoking, consuming alcohol, poor sleeping schedule). Additionally, you need to find a diet that works with your body and budget. Here are the 5 major keys you should keep in mind when seeking a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Creating a Routine

This is step one anytime that you are looking to make a change. Getting into a consistent routine will keep you motivated and adjusted to making the right choices to achieve your end goal. Just like school or work, you may not have always been motivated to go but after routinely going and understanding the benefits of putting the time in you get into a routine. This is no different from establishing a new healthy lifestyle.

Stretching and Warming Up

Nobody likes taking the time to limber up or start off their exercise on cardio, but you will regret skipping this crucial step after you are painfully walking back to your car. Now you just had a half decent work out and will likely miss a few days of exercise. Taking the time to stretch and warm up allows your body to reduce the chance of injury and prime your muscles for maximum gains when you begin exercising. Throw on some Netflix or music on your phone and jump on a cardio machine for a few minutes to avoid breaking your routine.

Meals for You

It is difficult to find the time and motivation to figure out the type of meals you should be eating, let alone cook/purchase them; however, the benefits are boundless. The moment you start eating right and making sure that YOUR nutritional needs are met, your body and mind will respond in a positive way. Go out of your comfort zone and check out some new foods. Believe me, you may surprise yourself and enjoy a food you would have never imagine trying.


In regards to recovery, there are two main types when speaking of exercise. There is short-term and long-term recovery. Overall, recovery is your body adapting to the stress of exercise and this is where the real effects of training take place. Recover allows your muscles and tissues to repair from vigorous and strenuous exercise(s). Short-term recovery is also referred to as active recovery. This occurs in a short period after exercise. This refers to doing low-intensity exercise after workouts in the cool-down phase as well as over the following day. This type of recovery is associated with numerous performance benefits and allows your body to stay primed for the next major exercise day.

Long-term recovery refers to techniques that are implemented into your overall training program. Yourself or your trainer will integrate recovery days or weeks in you schedule. Doing this will push your body to continue to adapt rather than get too comfortable with you routine and not continue to grow.


This should be the easiest step if you did all four of the previous steps correctly. After all your planning, stretching, exercising, and eating, sleeping should come easy but in some cases some individuals have trouble finding seven or more hours in their beds. Sleep is the most crucial step. If you go into your day tired, you will not yield the most benefits possible from your workout or day in general. Sleeping after a hard workout is vital. In your sleep, your body rebuilds and replenishes all that it lost in your workout.


I hope that you found this post informative and beneficial. Here at Fitness 19, we are here for you. Our mission is to see each of us achieve our goals and continue to approve in all aspects of life. We are always willing to help and looking to provide you with the best experience possible. Be on the look out for weekly posts. Thank you for being an active member and checking out our blog!