1. Lower Back Pain? Let’s Get You Back to Normal

    There are several endeavors in our lives that can plague our daily lives; however, one can outweigh the rest, and that’s lower back pain. Dealing with lower back pain will only heighten your levels of stress and discomfort throughout your day. Unfortunately, fixing lower back pain is not as easy a…Read More

  2. Don’t Get Spooked, Weight Loss Isn’t a Fluke

    Here is the most generic statement regarding weight loss, to lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. It is that simple. The process to get there… Not so much. Like anything in life worth having, you must put in the work. Move with purpose. Make sure that you wake up and have at least…Read More

  3. Why Use a Trainer?

    All my life, I have participated in organized sports. From the first time I could pick up a ball, all I wanted to do was have a catch or kick one around with my family or friends. In college, 6 days a week, I devoted 3 hours of my day to practices. However, when the party was over and I was back hom…Read More