1. Healthy Meal Time: One Pot Potato and Sausage Supper

    Here is yet another healthy meal to enjoy after a hards day work and hopefully a fulfulling workout as well. It is so important to make sure that you get a solid and nutritious meal in your body after working out. Even if you are trying to cut down weight, your body still needs calories to operate a…Read More

  2. Food for Thought… Literally

    Now and again, you run into the term, "brain food." But what does that really mean? What foods are included? What are the benefits of eating these specific foods? To give you the short and sweet version, brain foods are foods that help your brain function at the highest level possible and for as lon…Read More

  3. Grab a water, not a snack

    It is ok to grab a snack from time to time; however, a lot of the time, you aren't hungry, you're thirsty. Your stomach and mind react similarly when you are hungry or thirsty. The best way to avoid any of this is to find a way to efficiently and effectively hydrate but more importantly, doing it in…Read More

  4. The Big Secret to your Diet

    There is a big secret to your diet that will help you with maintaining a healthy weight and losing fat. Here it is: Stay away from Sugar and Grains. Keep it simple! Sugar spikes your glucose levels and any excess gets stored as fat. Grains will also be converted into sugar which adds to the glucose …Read More