1. New Year Same Goals

    When it comes to New Years, all we ever hear about is resolutions and new beginnings. That very well may be true but it is important to realize that we have been on our way to new beginnings for some time now. But let this day signify as a moment of progress or a reminder of how far you since the st…Read More

  2. New Year’s 2020: No More “Maybe Tomorrow”

    Folks, we made it. Midnight tonight we will embark upon yet another year of endless opportunities and possibilities. Out with the old and in with the new right? But do not forget the old. The old is a constant reminder of how far you have come and how there is so much more ahead of us. Through faith…Read More

  3. Winter Weight

    It's the holiday season people and with that comes so many wonder things. Friends, family, and... food. Look, let's be honest. We all know what we are going to see when we visit family this week. Cookies, piles of meat, sweets, and more. Listen, it is ok to enjoy yourself and indulge on some snacks.…Read More

  4. Keep the Gym Near Even When Winter is Here

    Keep the Gym Near Even When Winter is Here It’s getting chilly out there folks, and with the cold comes colds. Make sure you boost your immune system with your workouts in the winter. Here are reasons why you must get your winter workout in and tips to bring with you. Make sure you WARM up The fas…Read More

  5. Be The Reason

    Be the reason why someone smiled Be the reason why someone laughed Be the reason why someone keeps fighting Be the reason why someone was inspired today Often, we find ourselves seeking energy, approval, and/or an escape. What we don’t realize is that those around us are also seeking the same thin…Read More

  6. FALL Into Healthy Habits

    Vacation is over and it’s back to reality folks. The kids are back in school and they aren’t just bringing report cards home, they’re bringing back germs. The best way to fend off fall illnesses is building up your immune system through exercise. The summer is over and now it’s time for foot…Read More

  7. Motivation Nation

    Today is the day. Today you will try out that exercise that you have been fearful of attempting. Booking that vacation that you have put off for so long. Leave that toxic job or relationship that is preventing you from being yourself and growing. Overall, it’s time to make positive change that wil…Read More

  8. Self-Approval

    By: Chris Mallee In 2019, it is almost impossible to avoid being judge or even passing judgement upon others ourselves. We find ourselves, swiping left, swiping right, rating people’s pictures and posts with a thumbs or thumbs down, and just being fed so much information to process. All we want in…Read More

  9. Break the Cycle

    This issue is universal. We all find ourselves adding and subtracting calories every day. “Well if I drink this and eat that, then I need to be at the gym for this amount of time” or “If I don’t go to the gym today, then I can’t eat too much today.” The thoughts go on and on. You and mil…Read More

  10. Setting Boundaries and Setting Standards

    Setting boundaries is a part of our lives that is too often overlooked. Why should we allow others to make us feel uncomfortable or change for their interests? This is a vital part of a healthy and organized lifestyle. If your friends want to go out to the bar during your gym time or the only time y…Read More