1. Beach Body Workout

    Football season is over and so are those Sunday's filled with pizza, wings, and carb heavy beverages. It's time to refocus and get ready for the spring and summer; more importantly, it's time to get get your body ready for when you're not all bundled up. The most important thing is that we all do th…Read More

  2. Chest and Tricep Workout

    It is important to hit every muscle group in your body to create harmony and equilibrium. In previous blogs we focused on other muscle groups such as the biceps, abs, back, legs, etc. but today, we focus on chest and triceps. It is important to exercise your chest muscles aka your pectorals for seve…Read More

  3. Christmas Core

    Just what you all asked for-- more core! Listen, I know core workouts are a pain but they are important. It's not about the visual result from working your abs, but the physical results. It is named core for a reason. It is the epicenter of your body and many of your daily movements start from there…Read More

  4. Back and Bicep Workout

    This week, we will focus on exercises for your back and biceps. First off, you may be askig the question, "why should I work my back out?" Working out your back has several benefits. Back exercises add muscle mass to your back and upper body; in turn, a larger upper body visually gives your waste a …Read More

  5. Lower Back Pain? Let’s Get You Back to Normal

    There are several endeavors in our lives that can plague our daily lives; however, one can outweigh the rest, and that’s lower back pain. Dealing with lower back pain will only heighten your levels of stress and discomfort throughout your day. Unfortunately, fixing lower back pain is not as easy a…Read More

  6. The Power Within: Why a Strong Core is Key

    Your core is everything. You build a house off a strong foundation. The same idea holds true with any friendship or relationship as well. If you want to have sustained success and benefit from anything, it starts with the core. Every great thing starts with a core idea and/or person who is the drivi…Read More

  7. Full Body Workout

    It is beneficial to designate working certain areas to a day of a week; however, some days a full body workout is just what the doctor ordered. Full body workouts are for great for waking up your body and getting blood flow to all parts of your body. Exercise in general helps flush out toxins and ge…Read More

  8. Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

    Welcome to the season of fall on the East Coast! Where it can be 92 and humid on Wednesday and then 65 and rainy on Thursday. It’s unique and nice to be able to show off different outfits from your closet; however, it can cause issues. As in life, our bodies seek balance. When our bodies are const…Read More