1. The Benefits of a Gym Buddy

    Even a lone wolf needs a helping hand at times. This holds true in numerous situations, but especially when it comes to exercise. Everyday at Fitness 19, several members enter the door with someone who is a life long friend or even someone they met while working out here. Regardless, they have bonde…Read More

  2. The Power of Perseverance

    Each day, we can grow in wisdom and strength. Strength does not have to be limited to our physical abilities. We can grow stronger at different skills, confidence, and will power. When we say yes to the good and no to the bad, new opportunities will find their way into your life. As we find the powe…Read More

  3. Let Music Fuel Your Workout

    When you are trying to muster up the motivation and energy to get up and get active, look no further than your favorite playlist. The right playlist can be the difference from a great workout and a mediocre one. Music allows us to not only drown out the noises surrounding us in the gym, it allows us…Read More

  4. Megan Donegan Secane Pennsylvania

    Personal Trainer Bio Location:  - Fitness 19 Secane Certifications: - Personal Training - CPR/AED - Bachelor’s in Science, Athletic Training Interests: - Strength Training - Field Hockey - Coaching “My goal is to be a contributor and encourage others as they realize their dreams” My fitness j…Read More

  5. Maxito Jean Jr., Personal Trainer at Gym in Secane, Pennsylvania

    Personal Training: Maxito Jean Jr

    Personal Trainer Bio Location:  - Fitness 19 Secane Certifications: -NASM PT Certification in progress Interests: -Anime -Spending time with family/friends -Working out (of course!) -Traveling “Don’t wish for the body you want; Work for it!” I began my fitness journey in 2006-07 with boxing, …Read More

  6. Darren Jordan, Personal Trainer at Fitness Center in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

    Personal Training: Darren Jordan

    Personal Trainer Bio Location:  - Fitness 19 Secane Certifications:  - ACE certified personal trainer  - ACE certified health coach  Interests: - Basketball  - Cooking - Reading "The first wealth is health" Ralph Waldo Emerson  My passion for health and fitness began at an early age as I enjoy…Read More