When it comes to hitting the gym, everybody has their own unique fitness goals. Some people are training for their next 10k, and they want to boost their endurance for the race ahead. Others are looking to simply look as good as they possibly can. Still, others simply want to drop a few pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

You’ve made a decision. It’s time for a change. You have goals and you know what you want the end result to be. But how do you know you’re doing everything right? How do you stay effectively on track? At Fitness 19, we get it, and we’re here to help.

In 2003, our group of fitness industry veterans came together. We all agreed that, for most people, the traditional health club model doesn’t meet their needs. We collaborated and created a simple fitness club concept; making it extremely affordable, family-friendly, and welcoming for people at all stages in their fitness journey; a club that offered state-of-the-art cardio, strength, and classes taught by experienced and positive professionals.

That’s what Fitness 19 is all about. We believe in giving you more of what you want, and more of what you need from a fitness facility. Our local management and knowledgeable and friendly staff have come together to make Fitness 19 the club for families working toward a healthy lifestyle without the hefty costs. For more information or to take the first step, contact us online or by phone today.